As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began, it created a buzz around the world. Initial findings proved that it is the new type of virus with no vaccine or cure. The death t and affected people numbers started to rise and take the world to an uncertain situation. By following the precautions of previous pandemics, WHO suggested social distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding crowded places is necessary to stay safe. This policy makes office working questionable. Many offices started getting shut down due to the implemented lockdown, and uncertain situations made them take drastic steps such as laying off working staff or sending them on unpaid leaves. Others preferred to move their employees on work from home option, but the fact is that no one is prepared for the upcoming situation. Half of the world opts lockdown as the COVID-19 situation worsens, and the death toll increases. Tech giants, including Google, Facebook prioritize their employees’ health by sending them on “Work from Home” feasibility. It is the least attempt to survive the effects of pandemics.

Companies directors and higher management were so concerned about taking any steps during COVID-19 as it may have long-lasting impacts on business. Taking risks is the need of the time, as there were no pre-planned approaches for such situations. Many companies and industries are not directly affected by COVID-19 (in terms of revenue), but the virus has significantly influenced their organizational culture.” Working from Home” scenario makes companies realize that there are several roles that can be efficiently done by staying at home. There is no need for their physical presence in the office. Many companies are considering moving permanently to a digital workplace and manage their employees online.

As the COVID-19 pandemic start, 14Digital decided to fight back by making wise decisions. Here the main strategies that How 14Digital followed.

Inhouse Employees or Work from Home?

According to a source on Business News Daily, it is observed that remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than their office-based counterparts. It adds almost three extra working weeks per year. After seeing the productivity of employees, companies consider revising their business models as they find several job roles that can be efficiently done by staying at home.  This advancement has not only minimizes the expenses of in-house employees but has also provided a chance of business scalability.

Being a digital service provider and a mobile app development company, it is not easy to opt for the “Work from Home” scenario. As there are a lot of dependencies and hectic deadlines to meet the client’s expectations. But 14Digital prioritize employees’ health and send employees to do work at home. The world is going digital, and after the COVID era is introducing a new normal. So 14Digital grant remote working to its employees. Following this strategy helps 14Digital to onboard new talents globally.

Covid19 Hiring Process in 14Digital

While many businesses were not ready to deal with Covid-19 uncertain situations and preferred to laid-off or send employees on unpaid leaves, 14Digital take the risky move and sustain their employees without any salary cuts. Not only this, but the company also welcomes new talents on several positions.

Women Empowerment

14Digital believes in women empowerment and equal opportunities to both genders. Thus, hired several women working on various responsible job roles.

Leadership and Teamwork

In any organizational culture, Leadership and teamwork are two basic necessities that take the company onto a height of success. 14Digital believes in strong work ethics, thus giving unexceptional challenges to motivate and boost employees’ confidence. The challenging situations and practical experience will urge workers to give their best.

Physically Distance but Socially Connected

No doubt, Covid-19 has made inhouse office presence of employees almost impossible for the time being, but the internet keeps them connected. The daily scrum meetings, weekly targets and monthly meeting with High-management becomes a norm of 14Digital. This strategy not only helps to set the new organizational goal but also helps to measure the productivity of employees. Team managers ensure that the team is well conveyed and there is no communication gap between the team which leads to any major issue.

Efficient Management of HR

Many organizations are permitting remote working for the first time. Thus facing certain challenging situations like employee performance monitoring, productivity, and more. Tech solutions such as advanced HRM software are the solutions to manage the workforce efficiently. To keep the organizational operations hasslefree, 14Digital is utilizing software applications. Such as Basecamp to keep workflows updated and organization wise communication. Desktime helps to monitor the productivity of employees working remotely.

Ensure Timely Delivery of Projects and Commitments

Client Satisfaction is the top priority of 14Digital. To keep the smooth flow of project completion and delivery, the company follows an agile methodology. 14Digital keeps clients updated which each development and make sure it is upto customer satisfaction. With wise and timely decisions 14Digital managed to achieve targeted goals in the global pandemic as well.

Consulting Services

Besides development and marketing services,14Digital is providing consulting services to individuals who have innovative business ideas. 14Digital consulting services will surely help to establish companies, and boost business revenues.

14Digital is working on digital while the majority of industries have been negatively affected by Covid-19, particular industries and sectors have been affected positively. For example, in Australia, amidst some reports of negative impact, many respondents from healthcare and social assistance, public administration, finance, and insurance and mining have reported a positive impact. As would be expected, the majority of our respondents so far have moved to remote working, but most have not made positions redundant and have worked to retain staff without using government subsidies. In some sectors, some additional hiring has been undertaken while in most, hiring freezes have been put in place.

while many commentators are predicting an increase in remote working in the future, this is not at all clear from our responses up to now. As we would expect, organizations are reviewing the effectiveness of remote working almost on a daily basis, but many are yet to make any commitment to long-term remote working.  It appears that organizations do not yet know how remote working is affecting performance and productivity, which is hardly surprising given that most are using it for the first time. There is also the requirement of putting in place new systems, policies and procedures for remote working which in the Australian context is not something that can be introduced without due diligence. Organizations are certainly debating the issue with as yet no clear-cut decisions as to whether remote working will continue beyond the pandemic.

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